Pattaya is going to reach the sky with the new rail link, which is under preliminary stages of construction at present. It is going to be an express train similar to the Suvarnabhumi airport rail link. It is supposed to be built from Bangkok to Rayong through the Pattaya airport passing four provinces and five stations. The high speed rail link includes a length of 221 kilometers which would consume a time of approximately one hour to and from Bangkok and Pattaya at speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

The present train service that runs through Bangkok and Pattaya happens to be less convenient for its commuters as it is provided only with the third class cabins that include a fan. This train only runs from Mondays to Fridays while its fare happens to be 31 baht but no prior reservations are allowed to travel in this train. This train travels once a day from Pattaya to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Pattaya again on the same day. It consumes more than three hours to travel to Bangkok from Pattaya which wastes most of the time of its passengers. Furthermore in case if you miss the small bus that meets at Pattaya station, you might have to take a one kilometer walk to reach the main road. Thus many of the travelers have chosen other alternatives to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya due to its inconvenience where a more suitable rail system becomes essential for its consumer’s convenience.

The new rail link is planned and constructed to defeat the above obstacles that the present railway system causes. This track is supposed to be built parallel to the Sukhumvit highway completely for the purpose of its commuters which will be able to handle thirty thousand passengers effectively. The high speed rail link is undoubtedly going to attract passengers who were disappointed about the present rail system as well as new travelers to Pattaya. Many real estate prices have already reached high along with the introducing of the new high speed rail system.

The express rail link which is under construction at present is expected to be completed by 2015. It is believed to be funded by the Chinese government agreeing to provide the technology and maintenance. The locomotives are supposedly being purchased already for this line and the estimated cost for this whole project is predicted as 56 billion Thai baht. This consumer friendly high speed rail system is undoubtedly going to be one of the highly developing facts of Pattaya in the coming years.


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