Pattaya Police arrest of a Korean gang of three who set up a Baccara on-line gambling den in Na Klua.

A police team with an arrest warrant from Pattaya provincial court number K. 39/2555 went to room number # 3808 Sky Beach condominium Na Klua, Banglamung and arrested 3 male Korean citizens: Mr. Ji Woo Lee is 26 year old, Mr. Seungho Lee is 26 year old and Mr. Ji Woung Cho is 22 year old.

Upon investigating the Korean gang who smuggled the on-line baccara gambling den to Thailand the police found that the 3 suspects had arrived in Thailand 3 months earlier and stayed in room 3808, Sky Beach Condominium Pattaya.

In the room they set up the computer equipment and internet connection by instructions of Mr. Voo Won Young who had hired the 3 to work for the bacara on-line gambling den.

The Koreans were paid 50,000 baht. Their job was to find customers and introduce them to play baccara. Give the customers the passwords and transfer the money.

The on-line baccara den had both Korean and Thai customers circa 15-20 people per day. The profit for the Koreans approx. 50,000 – 70,000 baht daily. They had been operating for three months before were arrested.

Mr. Voo Won Young, a Korean citizen, the owner of the gambling den is not in Thailand.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr. Young who is charged with operating an illegal gambling den in Pattaya.

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