Pattaya police was notified about three Colombians suspected of multiple burglaries around Bangkok.

The thieves had stolen valuables and a safety box from 10 houses in residential located in Nonthaburi, Samutprakarn, Pathumthani, Samutsakorn and Chonburi provinces.

The three Colombians were arrested at Thip Plaza were identified: Mr. Wilson Ricardo Ramos Samaca is 36 year old Mr. Brayan Omar Corredor Fuentes is 22 year old and Mr. William David Corredor Fuentes is 24 year old.

As the police inspected the packages ready to be exported to Columbia they found 70 stolen items such as Rolex watches, a gold bracelet, gold necklaces, a diamond ring, a gold ring, bar of gold, gold earrings, an ivory ring, 25 satang gold coins. The total value is about 4 million Baht.

Upon investigation the 3 Columbians confessed that they were going to export all the goods which they had stolen from millionaires houses in central Thailand since 1 May, 2012

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