Chonburi Immigration and Police Officers from Finland conducted a raid of a house in Central Pattaya owned by a Finnish accused of a 2 Million Euro fraud case.  were met Khun Pisamai is 42 year old married to Mr. Hannu Tapani Torpstrom is 64 year old.

Mr. Hannu Tapani Torpstrom was arrested in Helsinki and accused of defrauding the Finnish Government out of the money which should have been used to construct a new road. In fact.

Mr. Torpstrom is accused of fleeing to Thailand with the money instead. His Thai Wife received regular payments from Husband who had returned to Finland in 2011 claims to have no knowledge of the case and is not expected to be a part of the investigation.

The house and other assets have now been seized by the Thai authorities who are working closely with their Finnish counterparts as the case progresses.

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