Mr. Chawanon Intarakomalyasu, the Democrat Party spokesperson, revealed to the media that, in regards to the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) request to use the U-Tapao International Airport as a base for conducting studies on the atmosphere, that the opposition is not impeding operations, but is only asking that more details of the project be made public.

At present, the government has not offered any clarification regarding the project. Furthermore, the spokesperson noted there are a number of points that require explanation, such as why the NASA website states that project equipment was transported into Thailand on May 18, and the use of NASA ER 2 airplanes, which can fly as high as 21 kilometers from the ground, making it undetectable to certain types of radar. The Democrat Party spokesperson also noted that the project leader is a former nuclear explosives expert.

Mr. Chawanon asserted that these observations are being made to urge the government to provide clarification to the public.

News from NNT

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