On 14 July, 2012, found Mr. Nohanned Nahod age 26 from Dubai died in a fifth-floor room at the Boutique Hotel in South Pattaya, room number 510 , on soi Sunee, Pattay City.

Police also found the kind of drug that transsexuals usually use to drug victims to make them fall asleep. Police kept the drugs for evidence. Police were unable to determine how much money Mr. Nohanned may have had or his assets.

When questioned by police, the late-night hotel staff said they saw Mr. Nohanned bring a Thai man about 20 years old to sleep in his room. But at 4 a.m. Mr. Nohanned left his room alone, and returned to the room at 8 a.m. About an hour later, Mr. Nohanned’s guest left the hotel. Later when the hotel staff knocked on the door to clean the room, no one answered. They used a reserve key to open the door and found the dead body of Mr.Nohanned.

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