Found Mr. Walter Carl Bolf aged 79, American, lying on his back on the floor at the end of the bed in his room Pattaya Tower condominium. He was shirtless, wearing black and white shorts. His body had a green hue and there were no signs of injuries. It appeared he had died between two to three hours ago. After searching his room, police found some antibiotic pills, but nothing else unusual.

Mr. Walter had also been a volunteer English teacher for handicapped people in Phramahathai Muang Pattaya center, but he later quit the work because he had heart disease.

After their initial investigation, police suspect that a heart attack might have killed the victim. However, because he is a foreigner, the police sent his body to have an autopsy at the forensic police department at Royal Thai police hospital, to find the real cause of death. Pending the results, they will report his death to the embassy.

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