The Pattaya police team in an undercover operation brought marked banknotes 4,000 THB to make a fake purchase for the sexual services of the 2 girls. Appointment at the Lovely Home hotel in North of Pattaya.

Mrs. Nipa Srieamchaeng is 58 year old is the cashier of the beer bar brought two girls of them age 17 to the undercover cop in the hotel room and where the police arrested the suspect and the girls on the spot.

The cashier Mrs. Nipa was detained. She confessed to bringing in the 2 under aged girls to provide sexual services to customers.

The same police team went to inspect the Tiger beer bar in Pattaya-Na Klua road after receiving complaints that under aged girls were also working at the Tiger beer bar. Many foreign tourists were drinking at the bar when the police arrived.

Thereafter they inspected the identity cards of the employees but didn’t find any person who was under 18 years of age working in this beer bar.

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