The pattaya police notified that the locals at Pattaya Soi 9, second Pattaya Road had caught a thief.

Mr. Rang is the suspect, is about 30 year old was unconscious on the ground. Allegedly beaten by vigilantes who had take the law in their own hands.

Mr. Vichean Khanarbkaew is 36 year old is one of the locals who caught the thief said that, his fiends were drinking alcohol by the beach near Best Friend bar.

The men started quarreling with a group of foreign tourists.

A fight broke out. Mr. Rang used that opportunity to steal the foreign tourists wallets and a notebook computer. Thereafter he escaped.

Mr. Vichean and his friends found Mr. Rang who had pawned the notebook computer and used all the money to buy drinks at the beach.

Mr. Vichean and friends told Mr. Rang to surrender to the police but Mr. Rang didn’t listen to them and tried to hit them after that the ran away with Mr. Vichean & friends in hot pursuit.

Thereafter they managed to catch the suspect who was beaten and kicked until he lost consciousness.

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